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Welcome to the Noob"R"Us website!

Noobs R Us (-NRU-) are a clan of like minded nuts, who play a range of online games. -NRU- plays as a social gaming clan and does not strive to win. Having fun is what we are all about. -NRU- plays a number of both modern and classic First Person Shooters (FPS) online games along with anything we deem to be fun. These include PC titles from the Call of Duty series (4-8), Battlefield series, Arma (2 & 3), DayZ, Ark & league of legends.

However members branch out into other online gaming activities and are encouraged to do so. -NRU- invites you to join our clan for any of the games we support. If you would like to become a member please sign up in our forums, and contact one of our members in game and/or online via Teamspeak (

January 04, 2018, 09:06:03 PM by ZOOL
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Hey Guys

We have a new Ark server up and running.

Currently running the Aberration Map (DLC)

Server Name: =UGN= Aberration

Also running several Mods Including

Structures Plus (S+)
Castles & Keeps      
Stackable Foundations
Stack Me More        
Bulk Crafters           

December 30, 2016, 12:15:13 PM by ZOOL
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Hi Guys

As you may see we have done a complete rebuild of the Forums. We are not using the same theme but it sorta looks the same. But believe me it is different, As I am the one who F-ed the last version up. "opps" :sign4: :tool: :cussing:

So i figured perfect time to revitalize the forums a little.  :love4: :3some: :computer:
The first major thing you might see is, the New landing page. this has a load of information about US -NRU-, our Members, our Servers and What games the -NRU- clan are currently playing

Still a little more work needed but hope you all like what we have done.

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GRID Autosport Crew by Xarrus
[November 11, 2018, 09:46:12 AM]

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