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Author Topic: Fix? Roll Back DayZ Commander / Arma 2 OA 103718  (Read 13889 times)

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Fix? Roll Back DayZ Commander / Arma 2 OA 103718
« on: July 27, 2014, 01:21:38 PM »

Because I am a noob at this stuff, I have wasted many hours in frustration each time Arma 2 0A requires a roll back or gets accidentally updated to 1.63.  Today I found posts that conclude that Steam and DayZ Commander cause problems with Arma 2 OA. 

The first approach worked for me.  In case the [TG]Corpse post gets nuked, I will paste the steps below.  Mass deletion of multiple game folders, verifying caches, deleting local content, and re-installations through Steam may not be necessary. The following link explains how you can roll back Arma 2 OA by installing a previous version of DayZ Commander (

kichilron on DayZ forums basically says that DayZ Commander is now worthless and that Steam will always be required.  Could this be true?! Apparently it's possible to set launch parameters in Steam and launch Beta versions, but I was not able to make this work.  Here's kichilron's post:

I am not sure which of these tricks really worked because I tried so many things today. If the first approach doesn't work, start over, begin with these steps, and then repeat the first approach:

Check out the video embedded in that last link, it has a few more steps including running REGEDIT, deleting Bohemia Interactive folders, and verifying caches.

Finally, there is still bad news.  Arma 2OA does not appear to work when launched from Steam, or it is lagging really badly.  But I'm not going to touch another f*cking thing as long as I can still launch OverPoch.


Yes, but it is a bit of a pain in the a##. First off you should know that it appears a lot of servers have migrated over to the new patch, so you may not need to do that after all. There are a lot of reasons that the new patch will eventually be the way to go. Having said that, here are the steps to roll back your ARMA 2 OA to one of the previous patches (103718 and 112555 are the most popular):

1. Open your Steam Library view

2. Right click on your ARMA 2 (not OA) in your games list and select properties

3. Go to the Updates tab and select "Do not automatically update this game" from the first drop down box

4. Close that window

5. Right Click on your ARMA 2 OA in your games list and select properties

6. Go to the Updates tab and select "Do not automatically update this game" from the first drop down box as well. DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW YET

7. Now go to the Betas tab

8. From the drop down box, select the "1.62 - Older version" patch.

9. Close this window. Your game will immediately rollback to the 1.62 patch and should now be listed as "ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead [1.62]"

10. Assuming you use DayZ commander, you still have some work to do. The current DayZ Commander is updated to ONLY allow the new version of ARMA 2 OA, and no longer allows you to roll back to a previous patch. You can apply the patches manually, or not use DayZ Commander, but in case this is what you want to do, you need to roll back your DayZ commander as well. So first things first: Uninstall DayZ commander through your control panel. This will not remove all your DayZ settings.

11. Now, LAUNCH ARMA 2 OA FROM YOUR STEAM GAMES LIST ONCE. Once you get to the main game menu, exit the game

12. Go to this link:

13.  That is a German site with a link to download the last build of DayZ Commander. JUST CLICK ON THE BIG RED DOWNLOAD BANNER

14. Install that version of DayZ commander

15. This will install the previous version of DayZ commander

16. DayZ Commander will launch automatically. When it opens, go to your "install/update" menu at the top

17. DayZ Commander will already start downloading the new version of itself. Ignore that, and DO NOT click "Apply now"

18. From this menu you can update ARMA 2 OA to the 112555 patch (or other version). Yay!

{NOTE: I got a CD key error, it appeared that 103718 didn't install, and then DayZ Commander showed Arma 2 OA 112555 was installed. But it was a LIE!  Everything worked when I launched OverPoch.  DayZ Commander shows wrong version of Arma 2 OA and other weird stuff if you let it update to , but the game still worked for me.]

19. You can now use DayZ commander as you did must prevent DayZ commander from updating. To do that, go to your DayZ install folder in yourC:\Program Files (x86)\Dotjosh Studios\DayZ Commander\Current folder (might be different on your machine). When you close DayZ Commander each time, navigate here and you should see a folder named "_pendingupdate". Delete that entire folder. You will have to do that every time before you restart DayZ Commander, but as long as DayZ commander is open it will not update.

So now you have a working version of the old DayZ commander that you can use to join games and manage mods, as well as the 112555 version of ARMA 2 OA to join servers that still use this patch.

Hope this helps. If there is a mistake here, please let me know. Took me an hour last night to figure this out myself.

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Re: Fix? Roll Back DayZ Commander / Arma 2 OA 103718
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2014, 07:02:31 AM »
Steam forums have a magic way of their content going up in smoke. Good idea to CC here.

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Re: Fix? Roll Back DayZ Commander / Arma 2 OA 103718
« Reply #2 on: July 31, 2014, 01:34:20 PM »

Ok don't judge me. It's a little hard to go up against a word smith like Mr Dansolo. :tongue2: :love7:

STEAM STEAM & STEAM OMG thats what has been comming out of my ears since this 1.63 patch..... :angry5: :angry5: :angry5:

They have gone and made something that was already hard enough for noobs like me & made it 3 times as hard. Although I have managed to get the server up n running, but for some unknown reason it is not being listed on the steam server listing????? WHY DO THEY MAKE THINGS SO HARD!! :confused2: :confused2: :confused2:

Anyway server can still be accessed using dayz commander using the favorite option. The only difference is the server only listed iva the IP not server name. :tard:

If anyone knows anyone who is good with SQL scripting & 3D modeling please do send them our way. Snafu & I would appreciate the help with ARMA2 DayZ & Arma3 altis life... :violent1:


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Re: Fix? Roll Back DayZ Commander / Arma 2 OA 103718
« Reply #3 on: August 07, 2014, 08:50:49 AM »
Please forgive my wordsmithery.  Old Guys like me tend to ramble.   BTW it's cold in here... Sampler, can you find me a warm blanket? Zool? My slippers are right over there.  Fetch them to Gramps here in my rocking chair. I'm feeling a little sick...
  :sleepy3: :puke:

I tried to play OverPoch today after being away for awhile.  No joy.  Can't log on.  As I have said before, I appreciate the time and resources that others expend to provide me with a free gaming experience.  This sh*t must be frustrating as hell.  I wouldn't blame you if threw in the towel, shaved your heads, and became monks.  Any feeling of disappointment I feel is quickly cured through pornography, or even mounting a friend.
  :male: :female: :tard:

I fear that Steam, Bohemia, and all 3rd party software teams are following a disturbing trend that I have seen since the late 1990's: they indirectly push new versions by passively extorting users to abandon old versions.  This extortion is achieved by either abandoning support of previous versions, charging full price for future versions, or both.
 :angry5: :sad2:

Not to worry, boys.  Perhaps the best play here is to kick back, wait for Steam, Bohemia et. al. to fix the bugs in 1.63.  In other words, don't fight the tide, go with the flow, walk it off, and go down on a friend (or even a stranger)...
 :walk: :la: :downtown:

- Dan
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