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Author Topic: The New AI  (Read 2961 times)

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The New AI
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:31:09 AM »
This new AI just splashed a steaming hot cup of whoop ass up the front and back of me. :tongue2:

It's Sunday Jan. 5, 2014 6:21 a.m. Sydney time and I'm betting that my Southern Hemispherian friends are about to wake up to experience "full immersion" when they meet the new AI.  :evil3:

Rather than going on and on about my experience, I'm interested to know what you think... :icon_scratch:

Let the discussion begin...



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Re: The New AI
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2014, 12:09:56 PM »
I think there a pain in my ass theve already taken out my new CAMO SUV i just bought  :angry5:

We must kill them ALL!  :laughing4:

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Re: The New AI
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2014, 05:55:49 AM »
Well, since there was just a nibble on this post, so now I will go on and on.

This reply is intended to encourage you to start the game fresh.  Let go of your belongings.  Don’t ask anyone for a ride. Just go on foot and have a nice DayZ.


After beginning the day with an explosion and a re-spawn on the beach, I sort of re-discovered this game.  Initially, I felt “Bambi Trauma,” ”woe-is-me,” “this is too hard” feeling to the game.  Then, I turned a corner.  Fuck it!  I’m going to get killed anyway, right?  Nothing to lose.  So I picked up an Enfield, a 1911, extra mags, spare bandages, a Coke, and a can of beans.

I took the fight to the AI in Cherno.  I got 3 kills before I died stupidly (i.e. popped in the back of the head after spending a minute or two looting a body).  I re-spawned again with huge enthusiasm and a sense of payback.

After coming out the door of a barracks, I popped a prone heavy gunner at Balota with a Makarov and then looted his body for a Mk48, a nearly complete set of tools, and a 10 oz. gold bar.  How cool is that?  I returned to Cherno to rack up 5 close range kills before turning a corner carelessly and taking a shotgun slug to the melon.


About this time, ZOOL showed up in an imaginary vehicle.  After leading me street to street for a handful of gratuitous kills, I committed fratricide by nervously targeting the Admin after he exited the imaginary vehicle to lend emotional support.  I was sure he was an AI… well, since he was in an imaginary vehicle, then technically he was imaginary as well, and his body could be looted freely.  This fact was confirmed when he acknowledged his error in the blue-on-blue incident by compensating me with an M110 NVG Sniper Rifle, which was only fair given my Bambi Trauma.

I spent the better part of a day sniping in Cherno.  I used two sniper perches on either side of the promenade (central square): the northeastern hospital and southwestern fire station.  The AI will spawn, flank, approach, and suppress.  They do not need line-of-sight to know you are there.  By day’s end, I racked up about 75 kills.


Will YOU stand and fight or will the World of Men diminish by inbreeding at small outposts, chain sawing trees for some Dark Lord, or degrading into a World of War Crafting?

Seriously, the new AI is quite fun.  I think everyone should be very happy about this change.  Here is what I noticed so far:

* The map updates (regenerates) on cycles (10 to 20 sec.) so keep checking it and do not assume that the real-time positions are precise:  small, hatched red circles represent DayZ AI; large blue circles indicate eminent helo para drop; large orange circles seem to indicate active patrolling, but I’m not sure;… there is lots to learn about the symbology.

* Wicked AI will not appear on map and will attack immediately after you receive a cryptic message over your radio, which is now a must-have tool (Note: messages may flash for less than 1 sec. in white letters in the center of the screen, so go to cover if you see this happen).

* DayZ AI are most dangerous at close range, poor to average shooters, and most vulnerable to long-range sniper tactics.

* Wicked AI are very good shots and will hit you hard and fast.

* DayZ AI spawn at the locations noted on the maps, primarily on roads and in urban areas.

* Wicked AI spawn in the wilderness including the groves of around NWAF.

* DayZ AI may have a squad leader that give hand signals and will call in a helo and/or reinforcements if they spot you.

* Wicked AI seem to be generally autonomous with sophisticated and aggressive 3-man tactics including running to cover (and staying there), coordinated flank attacks, and loitering.

* DayZ AI tend to carry all types of sniper rifles, assault rifles (mostly with iron sights), and single-shot rifles.

* From what I have seen so far, Wicked AI carry a mix of heavy, sniper, and assault weapons and have the best loot including cooked meat, high-end weapons, and 10 oz. gold and silver.

* DayZ AI loot can be good, too, and they can carry an assortment of tools.

* Both AI become suppressed: they go prone or go to cover when fired upon.

* Regarding DayZ AI choppers: they will eventually strafe you; it is possible to get away from them by running and moving to cover; they can be taken down with a SAW, Mk 48, .50 cal, or above.

Big thanks to ZOOL, Main, bung, and their other male lovers.

That’s all for now.

- Dan
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Re: The New AI
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2014, 02:55:11 PM »
It's Maine !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: The New AI
« Reply #4 on: January 08, 2014, 05:16:20 PM »
Massive Poll!,

Beyond that, Mr Solo you are a word smith.