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Author Topic: SQUAD RULES  (Read 2508 times)

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Squad Rules
***Rules and Conditions of Squad Membership***

NRU reserves the right to change and update these conditions of clan membership at any time without notice or republication.
NRU has a minium age limit of 16 years old.

*New Squad Members*

1. You are on probation, NRU reserves the right to expel you at any time without warning.
2. The probation period is flexible and depending on any number of factors.

*Membership requirements*

1. Have legal versions of your required games.
2. Have Teamspeak 3 VOIP program and a headset with a mic.
    Currently using UGN based Teamspeak 3 - IP Port 9987
3. Be an active member of squad life.
   (Post in the forum, use TeamSpeak, and check in 2-3 times as week if possible)

*Disciplinable offences*

1. Hacking of any kind is not allowed. It is an expellable/dismissable offence. This is your first and only warning.
2. Inappropriate public behavour, this means on all servers we play on, and all forums we use, and all the chat servers.
3. Inappropriate private/squad behavour.
4. Some examples of inappropriate behavour are but not limited to;

(a) Being disrespectful to another player. General sledging to other NRU members is ok within reason.

(b) Vote kicking of any player. kicking of players is the responsibility of admin's.

(c) Repeted calling of votes. IF your vote doesn't pass, the rest of the players don't agree with you!


1. Have Fun, Its only a game.
2. Do what your told by the officers* (their word is god)
3. Take the advice of senior members (their word is very helpful)

Noobs R Us

* Sampler, ZFORCE, Camo, SuperNoob & ZOOLz
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